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Category: Presentations

Put Brain Science To Work & Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Presentation.

Focused attention is today’s greatest commodity and brain science teaches us a brilliant way to harness it. When you observe people watching a presentation, do you notice how some periodically […] Continue Reading

Write Your Marketing Communications for Kids (Not Grownups)

Anyone who has spent time around kids knows that the incessant “Why” query is applied to just about everything. But asking “Why” isn’t just a way to annoy adults. It’s […] Continue Reading

Build a Memory Palace to Deliver Your Next Presentation

I once heard a statistic that humans fear public speaking above death. In his standup routine, Jerry Seinfeld once said, “This means to the average person, if you go to a […] Continue Reading

A Plane, a PowerPoint & an Ugly Baby

You know the excitement at having an entire row on a plane all to yourself? On a recent flight, we were just about to settle into our three-row transporter when [...] Continue Reading