Meaningful relationships with our clients are fostered through genuine trust, sympathetic awareness and a commitment to watching each and every company flourish. In short, we love making our clients happy.

Loren Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Cooper Surgical

“Seeing what you did for our customer service team, I consider engaging your consulting service to be the single greatest contribution I have made during my time with this company.”

Dr. Cai Glushak, International Medical Director, AXA Assistance

“Having experienced (or been the victim of) numerous external consulting efforts, I was very skeptical about the self-professed external ‘experts’ who periodically whirled through our operations learning our processes, making radical conclusions about how and what to change, and then disappearing as fast as they came, often leaving a trail of destruction, but little positive impact in their wake. Our instincts were right and SBR proved to be different. They invested themselves thoroughly with us, systematically broke down our processes and helped us reconstruct what we do in an objective and easily digestible way.

With SBR we improved a number of important processes, significantly enhancing existing talent and recruiting new expertise where needed. The result was a leaner, more effective organization.”

Large Single-State Health Insurance Company

“We presented SBR with a pretty daunting task: help us build a sales call center from the ground up, man it with the appropriate personnel, train these new associates (and our company) to understand the importance of consultative selling and the skills required to provide this service over the phone, and build the infrastructure and support system to make the new unit successful for years to come.

Building the unit appropriately, with our limited consumer sales experience, would have been nearly impossible. Getting the unit built out appropriately and in full operation in time would have been totally impossible without SBR’s partnership. Now a year later, our consumer sales results are further validating the decision to bring SBR on board.”

Senior Manager, Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“SBR has been wonderful to work with and very accommodating in helping to ensure that all business partners are able to get what they need. They took into account the need for speed and production without duplicating efforts.”

Inside Sales Representative (B2C)

“SBR’s approach to presenting the sales technique made it easy for me to understand and helped solidify the consultative selling process in my mind. This training was superior to the training given by my former company, a national telecommunications carrier.”

VP, Large Single-State Health Insurance Carrier (B2B)

“Our Company sought a consultant who could quickly and accurately assess our sales technology and work processes and their impact on the customer experience. Sharon Roberts and the SBR team accomplished this quickly, accurately, and with absolutely no disruption to our ongoing marketing operations. Besides delivering a high-quality, on-target work product within the scope of the engagement, Sharon also provides very insightful observations and recommendations that are outside scope but tremendously valuable and actionable to our company. The value of these ‘nuggets’ might just equal or exceed the impact of the in-scope engagement! As a result of their performance in two critical projects, Sharon Roberts has become a trusted business partner whom we engage to solve our toughest and most complex challenges.”

Product Director, Large Single-State Health Insurance Company

“What amazed me is that in only a short period of time working with us, SBR was able to very quickly identify our issues and see that we were over-staffed. This was remarkable and helped us curtail costs.”

Individual Sales Manager, Single-State Health Insurance Company

“I had a wonderful experience working with the SBR team the past few years. As we evolve in individual markets, I shall think of SBR as the prime catalyst to our success.”

Inside Sales Manager, National Health Insurance Company

“SBR’s participation in the centralization of our sales unit has been instrumental to our success. Thank you for your time, expertise, and endless energy!

Manager, AXA Assistance

“You would be hard-pressed to find someone inside or outside of your organization with the amount of passion and dedication to your company’s success like that of SBR.”

Bill Stapleton, Chief Executive Officer, HealthPlanOne

“We contracted with SBR to enhance the skills of our TeleSales representatives and advise us on the development of the sales organization. With the assistance of the SBR team we have seen a tremendous change in our reps approach on their calls. Now each interaction we have with our customers is well structured and, most importantly, always heading towards a closed sale. I would highly recommend SBR to anyone that has phone-based agents that sell products and services.”