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Meaningful relationships with our clients are fostered through genuine trust, sympathetic awareness and a commitment to watching each and every company flourish. In short, we love making our clients happy.

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Large Single-State Health Insurance Company


“We presented SBR with a pretty daunting task: help us build a sales call center from the ground up, man it with the appropriate personnel, train these new associates (and our company) to understand the importance of consultative selling and the skills required to provide this service over the phone, and build the infrastructure and support system to make the new unit successful for years to come.

Building the unit appropriately, with our limited consumer sales experience, would have been nearly impossible. Getting the unit built out appropriately and in full operation in time would have been totally impossible without SBR’s partnership. Now a year later, our consumer sales results are further validating the decision to bring SBR on board.”

       - Executive Director, Large Single-State Health Insurance Company