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Immersive Assessments

Frankly, ignoring corporate culture is a big no-no. 

A company’s culture not only dictates what people do and how they behave, but it also predicts how easily enhancements can be integrated into everyday practices. SBR has spent over a decade perfecting a proprietary methodology to gain real-world insights into how companies perform internally and engage customers externally. 

Based on the science of ethnography (the study of culture), SBR’s “Rapid Ethnography” assessments go straight to the source of the frontline experience to unearth real-world behaviors in all multichannel sales and service systems, including the technologies and tools available at each touchpoint. SBR’s immersive assessments have revealed deep insights into a variety of operational and customer environments, from customer’s and member’s homes to retail stores, field sales ride-alongs, and on the call center floor.

We align these qualitative insights with evaluative methods in data and analytics to determine how a company’s current performance can enable forward-motion enhancements.

Competitive Analysis

Taking stock of the competitive landscape to build preference for our clients.

SBR conducts market and competitive analyses to derive data about current or potential future market landscapes. We provide clients with a clearer depiction of the gaps between the current and ideal future states as well as the tactical business protocols for enhanced market performance.

SBR’s team goes directly into the field (retail, communities, homes, offices etc.), phone and online environments to understand all points of contact and communication. The result is a synthesized analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, including:

• In-depth interviews with end-users and stakeholders

• Secret shopping investigations

• Telephonic interviews

• Literature searches

• Secondary surveys

• Market concentration and internal resource mapping

• Compliance and sustainability monitoring

Organizational Strategy

Gathering insights to map opportunities across the entire sales and service enterprise.

Is your company challenged to create enhancements under a Legacy system? Reduce costs while still meeting member expectations? Build consumer-centric departments under tight regulations? We feel your pain and know firsthand how to craft customized business strategies using the realities of a company’s current state.

We design tactical operating strategies to help our clients meet their strategic ambitions and improve revenue. We can isolate a company’s core functions and resource needs so that all strategies are custom fit to give clients exactly what they need to improve today with an eye towards continuous improvement. Some recent strategies include:

• Sales Divisional Structure & Rollout Plan

• Internal & Outsourced Vendor Alignment

• Customer Retention Plans

• Sales Enablement Models

Our work is particularly strong in designing cross-functional processes between product, marketing, sales, technology and retention and service departments. We leverage all internal and available resources to chart the path forward to help client’s curtail costs and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Our Client’s Take

“Having experienced (or been the victim of) numerous external consulting efforts, I was very skeptical about the self-professed external ‘experts’ who periodically whirled through our operations learning our processes, making radical conclusions about how and what to change, and then disappearing as fast as they came, often leaving a trail of destruction, but little positive impact in their wake. Our instincts were right and SBR proved to be different. They invested themselves thoroughly with us, systematically broke down our processes and helped us reconstruct what we do in an objective and easily digestible way. With SBR we improved a number of important processes, significantly enhancing existing talent and recruiting new expertise where needed. The result was a leaner, more effective organization.”

Dr. Cai Glushak, International Medical Director, AXA Assistance