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Field Sales

Converting market opportunities into sustainable, customer-attuned field sales activities.

We enhance field sales performance by going straight to the source of the frontline encounter, identifying how the salesforce and the competition are engaging at all touchpoints. By pairing these inductive insights with market data and sales metrics, we map what resources, investments, and organizational structure can fuel maximum returns.

Our client’s sales are improved in the short- and long-term by seamlessly tailoring goals to the uniqueness of each organization. Immediately after rollout, clients have watched revenues skyrocket. By working in cross-functional departments – from product marketing to customer service – we ensure that field sales outreach and practices are aligned with the entire enterprise.

Inside Sales

Driving revenue through innovative telephonic communication strategies.

In all internal and outsourced inside sales operations, SBR designs custom strategies that balance operational costs with acquisition targets. As inside sales experts, we create strategies that balance raw call performance with the brand promise, regulatory requirements and above all, a commitment to simplify complexity.

Supporting all functional areas of inside sales performance, SBR helps companies optimize:

• Inbound and outbound call strategy and scheduling

• Contact center automation

• Call guides and scripting

• Up/cross-sell campaigns

• Multi-channel communications (e.g. phone, web, texting, chat, email)

• Inside and outside sales alignment (e.g. appointment scheduling, communications, etc.)

• Predictive analysis and agent routing

• Training and coaching

• Monitoring and quality assurance (QA)

Sales Training

Building thriving sales through hands-on, real-world training methods. 

For over 18 years, SBR has trained thousands of agents to exceed acquisition targets in both field and telephonic environments. SBR’s proprietary training programs are tailored for everyone from entry-level to seasoned representatives.

All training is customized based on an initial assessment of the service strengths, competitive strengths and weaknesses, level of experience and internal resources. The result is action-based training modules for all audiences and sales environments. SBR’s SELL© (Speak, Engage, Listen and Leverage) program provides streamlined communication that can be tailored to the needs of prospects. When coupled with a prospect-centric decision guide and a sales playbook, sales representatives have proven unstoppable in their ability to increase conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.In short, we provide sales teams with the tools to manage each engagement as though they were personally responsible for the company’s profitability and persona.

Executive Coaching

Working behind the scenes to assist executives as they transition into their new role.

When our clients hire or promote sales, customer service, contact center, and marketing executives, they turn to SBR to advance the training and cultural assimilation process required to perform exceptionally well in the new role. The coaching is designed to shorten the learning curve by honing in on the mechanisms necessary to succeed in the pivotal position. In this way, the executive can spend less time learning the position requirements, industry, nuances of their role and spend more time driving results for the company.

Rooted in our propriety Rapid Ethnography methodology, SBR provides one-on-one coaching to personalize the process and ensure effectiveness. This is all done discretely, allowing the executive to exert influence and maintain trust from others in the organization while improving upon his/her own capabilities. 

Our Client’s Take

“We contracted with SBR to enhance the skills of our TeleSales representatives and advise us on the development of the sales organization. With the assistance of the SBR team we have seen a tremendous change in our reps approach on their calls. Now each interaction we have with our customers is well structured and, most importantly, always heading towards a closed sale. I would highly recommend SBR to anyone that has phone-based agents that sell products and services.”

Bill Stapleton, Chief Executive Officer, HealthPlanOne