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Case Studies > Boosting Call Center Revenue

Boosting Call Center Revenue


A global leader in providing membership services needed to maintain their status by boosting the quality of service amidst increased competition that was encroaching on their business.


SBR knew that some of the company’s challenges lied in the direct communication to members but we needed to understand why. We started by analyzing the communication process from incoming call to resolution, shadowing call center staff, monitoring calls, reviewing reports and queue management. To unearth the staff processes, we conducted dialogue and visual mapping sessions where we learned how staff engaged with consumers and management.

From the assessment we knew our path was clear: create an immediate improvement in how the staff engaged with callers. SBR helped implement an immediate reorganization of the entire department including process re-engineering, strengthening the skills of the management team, and providing a new method for structuring calls and training agents.


After applying SBR’s recommendations, the company saw an immediate improvement in client satisfaction scores. Since then they have continued to expand and grow the organization.