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Customer Service Strategy

Creating satisfied customers is more than just smart business. It’s the pathway to continuous profitability.

As with all processes we view customer service as part of the larger ecosystem and not a separate entity. This is important because in following the continuum from sales to service we measure how well the actual service delivery matches the initial promise. All customer touchpoints are considered including telephone, email, web, texting, chat, social media, and face-to-face encounters.

SBR works to optimize the call center from the inside out to strengthen performance by attending to:

• Call center operations

• Business processes

• Agent communication skills

• Agent tools

• Automation alignment

SBR delves into the customer experience to see how a company is interacting with their base and serving their particular needs. We leverage all communication channels, from online and direct response marketing, inbound and outbound call interactions, and in-person exchanges to further customer retention. Customer service advancement often involves a deep dive into current processes and protocols that are time-consuming and frustrating for the end-user but can be remedied. In the process, we always keep a fixed eye on maximizing available human and financial resources.

Customer Retention

Identifying customers likely to defect and building strategies to retain them in the long-term.

Many companies want to provide an exceptional customer experience but can’t guarantee delivery on a consistent basis. The result is often erratic sales and service experiences and potential opportunities for defection. Companies who offer products that by their nature invite customers to shop annually (as in health insurance) require a solid retention strategy. Data analytics programs exist that can predict defection based on a variety of factors.

SBR steps in to develop the short and long-term strategies and practical tactics to retain members. Our Rapid Ethnography approach opens the door to the customer experience and reveals the areas and/or systems propagating dissatisfaction.

Automation Alignment

A user-friendly automation system is the lynchpin of a high-performing contact center operation.

SBR helps contact centers design and build agent-centric tools to access the right information, in the right way, at the right time. Over the years we have watched cumbersome user interfaces impede a call center agent’s ability to support the customer. While the agent is busy searching for information, the caller exchange is often strained, not to mention the frustration created by the inefficiencies, misinformation and long call times.

We quickly identify how to streamline call interactions using a combination of Rapid Ethnography and agent shadowing, historical data, and call monitoring. By maintaining a fixed focus on available technologies, we are able to provide solutions that realistically adhere to a company’s current systems and available resources.

Our Client’s Take

“Seeing what you did for our customer service team, I consider engaging your consulting service to be the single greatest contribution I have made during my time with this company.”

Loren Smith, VP Marketing, Cooper Surgical