SBR helped a health insurer hold onto a greater number of their Medicare members through digital strategies, geo-targeting and enhanced member outreach, all while trimming the overall spend.


In the ultra-competitive health care environment, many carriers struggle annually to prevent loss of members to their competitors. To combat the year-to-year uncertainty of the new health plans offered by competitors, SBR needed to consider a variety of tactics to create a multi-faceted year-round member retention plan. The plan needed to establish how best to continuously reach more members to reduce the possible defection rate while reducing overall costs.


SBR analyzed inside sales, customer service data and metrics, as well as call volume and member meeting results. We monitored recorded calls during and outside of previous annual enrollment periods. A variety of strategies and tactics across marketing, field sales and inside sales, and customer service were identified; and, customized brainstorming sessions with the sales and management teams were designed to understand current methods of reaching out to member population. SBR then created detailed project plans for each tactic that included internal role allocation, timing, and cost considerations that allowed the organization to launch those strategies that best met with the needs of the upcoming AEP, while placing other tactics on the long-term goal list for future AEPs as market conditions and internal resources shifted.


The carrier was able to launch the majority of the defined tactics within a 90-day period. Most importantly, SBR helped reduce the most costly tradition of member meetings by 50% while simultaneously replacing it with an on-demand solution that increased member communication touches by 250%. The organization was able to ultimately lower costs, reduce the burden on the field sales team and enhance the customer service delivery so that members could select the carrier’s plan that best met their needs.