The Power of Rapid Ethnography to Boost Sales + Performance

New York City, December 11, 2015

At 30 floors above Times Square, SBR spoke at the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) 14th annual Holiday Gala. Sharon, Founder & Principal, shared SBR’s unique Rapid Ethnography approach to getting the best out of your people and unearthing insights into key performance challenges and sales opportunities.

Ever wonder how some companies know exactly how to connect with prospects and consumers while others find it challenging to engage? SBR came to a rather exciting realization in 2007: improvements cannot be built on best practices alone, but instead must appreciate each and every unique corporate culture to boost sales and increase customer service performance.

Rapid Ethnography is the tool that SBR has used to help companies exceed sales and service goals while becoming fluent in the language of the consumer. SBR’s clients have witnessed decreased overhead, simplified complexity, improved training outcomes, and increased sales in field, inside and contact center operations.

Some takeaways from the PACE Gala include:

  • Ways of combining knowledge of consumer and corporate culture to help optimize performance and meet profitability objectives.
  • A four-step rapid ethnographic process for selling and customer service solutions.
  • The unique application of Rapid Ethnography for contact centers.
  • How simplifying complexity always meets with the language of the end-user, and what this means for the bottom line.
  • Practical methods to launch Rapid Ethnography now and gain invaluable insights in the short- and long-term.

The best part is that nearly anyone with an ability to actively listen, to set themselves apart from the outcome and to see broad-based implications can begin using the same techniques to help create tangible results for their own organization.

If you are interested in learning more about Rapid Ethnography or would like Sharon to speak at your next event, contact us. We look forward to sharing our methods with you!