Our client, a service provider for a variety of elite national brands, was struggling to maintain exceptional customer service standards as they rapidly grew. SBR was selected amongst a cadre of consulting firms because of our thorough and fast approach to diagnosing the heart of challenges and devising equally powerful solutions using Rapid Ethnography.


A global health insurance, financial and travel services provider for a number of top national brands sought an outside consultant to identify operational factors impeding optimal customer service and to provide associated contact center training. The firm required specific process steps to create an enhanced customer service platform that would ultimately lead to improved experiential outcomes when the agents connected with consumers.


Following a competitive selection process, the firm engaged SBR based upon our immersive approach where we pair real-world consumer engagement and frontline employee interactions to reveal the root cause. SBR conducted a Rapid Ethnographic assessment, which included workflow mapping, consumer interactions, shadowing, management, agent interviews and dialogue sessions. Qualitative and quantitative results were analyzed and matched with key performance indicators (KPIs) at the call center level. Results showed that while training was needed, the firm actually required codified and automated process flows, functional work streams, training protocols, and enhanced KPI tracking to proactively account for consumer needs. SBR packaged a series of multiphase solutions to arrive at optimal performance, and whenever possible, we found ways to use utilize internal resources for ongoing cost containment.


Inspired by SBR’s findings, including strategic and tactical recommendations, the firm restructured the organization to better account for consumer interests and profoundly improved customer service scores. They also appreciated the tactical process steps employed by SBR as they were notably different when compared to other consulting methods because they allowed them to immediately embed bespoke solutions customized to their organization.