SBR helps companies earn and maintain B2B and B2C customers and then leads the way towards sustainable growth in the areas of consumer engagement, sales, service and contact center operations.

Our numbers speak volumes…

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Where We Work

Companies call on SBR when they need a boost, a push, sound advice or a complete overhaul to increase sales, improve service delivery and rapidly streamline operations.


Health Insurance

Carriers I Brokers I Exchanges

General Insurance

Life I Travel I Auto

Financial Services

Credit Cards I Banking


Systems I Software

Consumer Goods

Food & Beverage I Beauty

Contact Centers

Operations I Automation I Vendors


Challenges like lagging sales, dissatisfied members, inefficient processes, and underperforming products are not the result of one person, problem or even the competition. Nor are the solutions. SBR eschews cookie-cutter best practices because those are for the masses and not our clients. Instead, our clients consistently receive bespoke solutions that deliver exceptional and sustainable results.

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