90 DAY

With an eye towards the future of the industry, a regional health insurance company had the highest B2B market share and was looking to establish a strong B2C sales platform. The clock was ticking: the company had just 90 days to start selling a new line of plans aimed directly at the Individual consumer marketplace.


Our client’s organization was oriented around B2B health insurance. Their exceptionally well-run company was not adept at working with the consumer market. SBR needed to establish an entire B2C sales and marketing operation that would take into account current market trends while allowing for future growth. Most vital in the design was building a team that would deliver simplified, direct-to-consumer communication in a business mired in complexity.


SBR first conducted a Rapid Ethnographic assessment of the company’s internal resources, uncovering a strong management structure and notable untapped talent. Using a combination of metrics, regional data and insights from our assessment, a detailed action plan was designed to build an inside sales operation and enhance the field sales team without disruption to the present-day operations.

SBR led the alignment of team members from Marketing, Sales, Product, Telephony, IT and Legal along with the requisite talent recruitment to complete the new department. The transposed leadership staff was trained to manage a successful B2C sales operation. SBR also secured an outsourced vendor partner to handle advertising calls and overflow.


SBR effectively brought to market the company’s first highly skilled department of inside sales representatives led by an accomplished management team along with an optimized field sales operation. Acquisition targets were immediately met and quickly increased over time. Years later the company was able to effortlessly enter the national launch of the Affordable Care Act having this B2C department firmly in place and an outsourced partner to handle surges in call volume.