Increasing B2C Health Insurance Sales

SBR helped boost sales, increase Net Promoter Score and overall service outcomes for a leading health insurance carrier using everything we know about the industry and business, plus a custom understanding of our client’s culture.¬†


A Health Insurance Company was experiencing a perpetual sales lag despite their regional lead in both brand recognition and network penetration. The Health Plan had to diversify their Medicare sales distribution channel and bolster performance in time for the approaching Annual Enrollment Period within four months.

SBR Solution

SBR conducted a operational assessment of the Medicare sales and customer service departments, planting team members in all consumer-facing locations (including seminars, retail stores, kiosks, individual ride-alongs, in home visits and call centers) alongside a broad competitive analysis.


Within the first Annual Enrollment Period following the engagement, the Health Plan saw a 47% increase in member acquisition as well as a 20-point Net Promoter Score (NPS) bump, speaking to enhanced member satisfaction.